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    The Chronicles of The Revolution

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    The Chronicles of The Revolution

    Post by Tohoku on 5th June 2011, 1:43 am

    I know that no one will read this. I know this site has not been visited in almost a month. Still, I find it is time for everything to be out in the open, to be known officially. Yes, the following may be biased, but still it is time to let this off the chest of Habbos including myself.
    In February of 2011, the <FBI> was populated by trusted High Ranks. It was in a booming business that was well-controlled. I remember that well, and I was Omar's (olowe07's) last Personal Assistant in the <FBI>. Then came that day. It was a day when I had been offline, and I came back to find that someone heavily trashed FBI. In fact, it was those very HRs that had been there. Omar had whispered in their ears that apparently Diceplaya (or Jason) was scamming people for credits, thus causing the trashing. Omar had won, and gained a cult of followers. I was one of them, have thought I trusted and knew Omar. It wasn't until later on I realized my naivete. Omar created the National Defense (or Defence depending on the region) Agency, also known as the [NDA]. The majority of the <FBI> HRs migrated there. We were well off, it seemed, yet in April, it appeared that the NDA had still not opened, and suddenly it went from all of the Directors receiving profit to only founders. I did not complain. My VIP was paid off by Omar, and he spent his own (or someone else's) credits to make my own division. It was in that month, people began deserting him. I found that they were scammed for furniture and credits. I found that they were uncomfortable with Omar's demeanor.
    I began observing, and I saw examples of his poor ethics; he was letting personal things become involved increasingly. There was a girl named Kay. She was a friend of his at a time when he was virtually involved with a man known as Alex. Omar is supposedly sixteen, Alex is supposedly seventeen (for background usage). They began e-dating, and it was suddenly clear that Kay and Alex were dating in the physical world. Omar refused to believe it and had hundreds of Habbos desert Kay. He also would not accept any apologies from Alex, et cetera. Kay was pregnant at her young age. Kay became stressed and could not very well cope with her depression, especially after having been cyberattacked. She miscarried her child from stress, most likely. It was something she complained of whenever I saw her. I decided to confront Omar of this, since I was supposed to be the [NDA] Director of Mental Health. I met him at Edward's club (aka TheEddyBrown). After spending several minutes attempting to gain his attention, we met in a secluded room, and I explained that I was fed up with his unprofessional conduct. Rather than listening, oO:Devin:Oo (Devin) walked in, and Omar forced me to leave after I spent so much time attempting to speak to him.
    It was then that I decided to make my own poor decision to have Omar feel like an ass. Me and Kay along with others were going to attempt to stage a pseudosuicide on the messaging site, Tinychat. Regardless of what Omar tells you, he believed Kay was going to go through with it. I was on there as well, fake-assisting her in refraining from killing herself. We later decided to let Omar think he stopped her. We went back onto Habbo and I instant-messaged him, confessing everything. He then falsely claimed he knew it was fake the entire time, yet on the Tinychat was genuinely trying to help her. What proved his loss of sanity was him recognizing my speaking accent as 'smexy'. I allowed him to fire me from the NDA, seeing as there was no purpose in being there any longer. I relocated to the Crime Scene Investigations, or {CSI} owned by .:Gabbana:..
    Gabbana offered me a position in March, which I took in late April. It took two weeks for her to contact her partner danzaefx911. My position I applied for was Director of Supervisory Unit and was taken while I waiting to be reviewed. Gabbana then thrust Director of Peace on me. I accepted it to be with red.waldo (Beki) and ian5366 (Ian) among other friends of mine from the FBI. It wasn't long until Omar finally left Habbo as olowe07. It later became known that Omar moved to the account Agent.1 to create the United Nations, which never opened successfully. A nomad known as ChrisGoodman approached me to be his friend once. I knew that he was not trustworthy, and decided to run an operation within the CSI in an undercover fashion, so as not to have anyone become involved.

    "...I conducted a private investigation involving enemies of CSI and their motives and such for attacking us. I discovered that the one known as ChrisGoodman had the information I needed, and promptly began a pseudo-acquaintanceship with the Habbo in question. I learned that our own P4st3r was planning to create his own Habbo army known as the CIA before anyone else managed to fully discover it. Shortly thereafter, I found that P4 was only able to operate CIA with the funding of ChrisGoodman, and ChrisGoodman would not fund him until P4 would disrupt furni placement of CSI Headquarters (also known as 'trashing'). When P4 rejected to do so, I was asked to. Not only that, but I was offered two hundred credits, of which I already knew from the start I would not receive for the task. I 'trashed' the headquarters with no negative intentions. It was for two main reasons: 1. To gain more information of what else ChrisGoodman would have P4 do to create CIA, and 2. As a social experiment to see who would be given the blame for such a task. I later found that emit116 was the primary suspect, when there should not have been one at all, proving lack of trust within CSI. I also learned that I would not receive the promised virtual payment as expected, and had ChrisGoodman believe he scammed me. Once I officially had all of the information I could obtain, I relayed it to ian5366 and emit116. The following day, .:Gabbana:. was available for a complete explanation..."

    -Confidential minimail sent to various people

    For trashing the CSI, Gabbana had me suspended which is understandable. She spoke it over with danzaefx911, and from one moment to the next, I was not only fired, but replaced immediately, but subject to danzaefx911 yelling at me and kicking me from Gabbana's headquarters repeatedly when he was online. I never even spoke with him about it. Gabbana claims that she and danzae are at an equal level in the CSI, but she is the one primarily running it and owning the headquarters, yet for example he told me "DON'T HIDE BEHIND MY DOOR" and "YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN MY HQ". Who is he to think he can own everything when in fact Gabbana is the one taking the helm? Not only that, but Gabbana does not even take responsibility anymore. It has also been proven that if dan has no one to unnecessarily yell at, he will leave CSI and take his name Gabbana has given him with it. I permanently left the {CSI} and downright blatantly insulted dan in front of Gabbana in the middle of the headquarters.

    More will be added as it becomes available.

    With extreme sincereness, Joey

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