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    Policy And Regulation Summary.

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    Policy And Regulation Summary.

    Post by Zeptis on 18th April 2011, 11:47 am

    Section 1 summary
    - The term "ic" is used as a form of stating authority within the NDA the top rank being [1ic] being held bye olowe07.
    - D.i.c. means Department in command levels and is optional in a number of departments including but not limited to [NDA] Department of policy.
    - Any members caught giving themselves a higher "ic" level A.K.A. Self Promoting will be demoted.

    Section 2 summary
    - Sexual activity is not allowed while in an official NDA room, while wearing NDA badge or motto.
    - Personal relationships are aloud as long as they do not hinder your work in the agency or affect your professional judgement.
    - If someone suspects of being in more then one personal relationship you be issue a warning and if it continues your employment will be terminated
    - The director of ethics can start an investigation at any time once you violate any policies, if you are proven guilty of breaking rules you will be given a warning.
    - You may appeal an investigation by talking to the director of human rights.
    - If any sexually inappropriate actions are commited you will be reported to habbo staff.

    Section 3 summary
    - No scamming will be tolerated and if you are proven guilty you will be fired.

    Section 4 summary
    - Owners have a Command level of [1ic] which is only held by olowe07 co-owners hold the command level of [2ic] at all times
    - if olowe07 is for any reason banned from Habbo the joint owner will be in charge as well the Director of the NDA.
    - No matter what ic level you have and you are caught trashing your rights will be removed.
    - Co and Joint owners should have rights to each NDA room.

    Section 5 summary
    - All director have ranks that are shown in section one most being [4ic]
    -Directors should not be concerned about the commercial gain of the agency.
    - Directors 4ic an above must be able to make branches created by the the owner.

    Section 5 summary
    - Being rude to people who are AFK or on BRB will not be tolerated.
    - Always dress neatly while working.
    - It is preferred that all workers must be modest while in a public setting.
    - Racist acts will not be tolerated please respect others no matter what.
    - Swearing is not allowed and you will be given a warning if you do swear you will be given a warning, three warnings will result in you being fired.
    - Always respect your co-workers like they are family.
    - Always address higher by Sir or ma'am at all times.

    Section 7 summary
    - Always wear uniform while working
    - Failure to wear uniform is a direct violation of the agency rules.
    Agency Uniform

    - Formal suit top along with white undershirt
    - Formal Grey Trousers
    - Formal Grey Boots
    - Formal Brown Belt

    - Formal V-Neck Pink long sleeve
    - Formal Grey Trousers
    - Formal Pink Stilettos
    - Formal Brown Belt

    Vip Men & Women
    -Must wear possessional eloquent attire at all times while in [NDA]
    -3 warnings of inappropriate clothing will result in mandatory Normal Uniform.
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    -Zeptis [NDA] Chief Policy Officer

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